For the first year of my life I heard the sound of virtuoso Romanian violinist, Joan Harea practicing for 8 hours a day through the wall of the duplex in Ottawa. 
And then we moved to Winnipeg. 
I started begging to play as soon as I could put the words together. 
When I was 7 I held a violin for the first time and life made sense. 
When I was 8 I started my lifelong journey of learning the ancient fiddle tunes of the native people of the Canadian prairies. 
By 14 I was traveling the world playing this mysterious music to people across Canada, the US, and Europe. 
I reluctantly wrote my first song when I was 17 and recorded it with 3 others on an EP that would 2 years later lead me to opening for Paul McCartney, and Bon Jovi, and would also send me to New York. 
Music has been my life since day one, and my's not always an easy friend to have but it is always a true one. 
My bio has some impressive noted events on it that I will be forever grateful for, but I'm most thankful that my career for the most part has been organic evolution, allowing me to build meaningful relationships with the people who listen to my music, and allowing me to grow and evolve as an artist freely. 

All I want to do in this life is connect with people.  Music is my favourite way of connecting, and my favourite form of connection...second to hugging.

*(New formal bio under construction)


© Sierra Noble 2014